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Ditch the idea of business cards & learn the VCC System!  Visible, Confidence & Competence

Take the 5-Day Challenge

to elevate yourself in private practice by creating a business card that no one will throw away. This challenge is only the start of my marketing secrets that have placed me on panels, platforms, and at the bank.


TRUST ME, I have had so many people reach out to me with this one trick! This is the secret to making a lasting impression. Who doesn't want that?

Learn how to niche down your profession.

Turn your journal into a BUSINESS CARD 3.0 by recognizing who the Power Players are in your community.

Identify yourself as a mental health professional in 47 words or less.

VIP Access to 2-Day Virtual Marketing Event "SAY MY NAME" Use the VCC System for Podcasts, Email marketing, and Magazine interviews. ($197 Value)

Create a therapeutic journal & publish it in 5 days.

We go LIVE on FACEBOOK each night of the challenge at 7pm EST

*Valued at $1297


Hosted by 

Glendora Dvine

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hurry... Challenge Begins February 21st!

**We will go live on Facebook each night of the challenge at 7pm EST**

Video Testimonials

More Reviews

Awesome refresher for those that have been in the field and even more awesome for beginners!

I highly recommend Glendora Dvine if you are a mental health practitioner looking to become more confident in being 'seen' online and in your community!!  She will help you get your message and intention CLEAR!

It was great to attend this training no matter what level of experience that you had.

Join This Challenge



  • ​I'll personally walk you through how to create a memorable journal and resource book focused on improving mental health including coping skills with journal entry pages. 

  • I'll walk you through the process of changing your mindset on how to introduce yourself and we will build together, step by step, your new business card.  It will showcase your contact information, picture and bio using my two secret tools that will be revealed during the challenge. 

  • Visibility, Confidence, and Competence in business is the system that this challenge is thriving on and it is time for your business to thrive too.

Join now to get private access to our Facebook Group and take the challenge! Limited spaces available!

*Valued at $1297

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