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Craft An Attention Grabbing Short-Bio Written & Video For Your Private Practice That Will Not Be Ignored!

$1297 value priced "JOIN FREE"

Take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE to elevate yourself in private practice by creating a short professional bio that open doors and makes room at tables. This challenge is only the start of my marketing secrets that have placed me on panels, platforms, and at the bank.


Learn never before seen strategy to secure MORE speaking engagements and MORE clients for your mental health practice.

This FREE 3-day challenge is going to take your practice to the next level by:

  • Finding your niche demographic. Who can you help the most?

  • Identifying the unique skills that make your practice special.
    Be represented as a specialist with expertise and go after your ideal clients

  • Building confidence in yourself and write a professional bio of 47 words.

  • Learning how to quickly submit forms and applications for podcasts, panel discussions, speaking opportunities and hosting events.

  • Proudly introduce yourself in 2 minutes or less.


Hosted by 

Glendora Dvine

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hurry... Challenge Begins Jan. 23rd!

**We will go live on Facebook each night of the challenge at 7pm EST**

Video Testimonials

More Reviews

"I am Tavara Franklin Healing Accountability Partner. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who specialize in treating Depression and Anxiety in young girls and women from the ages of 13 into adulthood. I have an expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy."

"I am Juana Lyles LPC, NCC who specializes in trauma, anxiety and depression. My expertise is in Brainspotting, CBT and Prepare Enrich. I serve individuals and couples that are ready to start living and not just surviving."

"I am Cheron Crouch- The Inner Critic Therapist. I am an Licensed Professional Counselor who specialize in treating Trauma, Depression and Anxiety. My expertise is in Brain-spotting, CBT and the Gottman Method for Couples counseling. I serve professional women and couples."


  • I will walk you through the process of changing your mindset on how to introduce yourself and we will build together, step by step, your bio. It will showcase my two secret tools that will be revealed during the challenge.

  • Visibility, Confidence, and Competence in business is the system that this challenge is thriving on and it is time for your business to thrive tool.

  • This challenge includes: Q&A, downloads, videos and an energetic community of mental health clinicians!

$1297 value priced "JOIN FOR FREE"

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